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How We Empower Our Clients

Providing resources and services, we are able to aid our clients in freeing up their time to do what they do best. Jen Antoniou additionally offers coaching, consulting, courses and tools.

How We'll Be Achieving Our Goals

Helping as many other entrepreneurs reach their goals will inevitably propel us to our goals. Our focus is our clients, their needs and their goals, reaching ours is just the icing on the cake.
Elu Solutionary Strategies

What Makes Us Special

There are other companies offering services we offer, but what makes us unique is our people. With a love of cultures and people, the Elu team is comprised of individuals who care, determined to help clients scale up and bring freedom from burnout and stress. Who we are as a team will be a better fit for our clients than other companies, simply because they are the tribe of people we are called to as a business. We trust our clients will resonate with is and will know we are right for them, and they for us. Our clients are international, and we love that!
Elu Solutionary Strategies

About Jen Antoniou

Jen’s plans are to travel the world as a high level leader, speaking, mentoring and coaching, calling people to their best selves. She wants be an ambassador to cultures of people, coming together in understanding and honor of one another. As the world finds its new normal with the global pandemic, Jen wants to travel and learn more about people in different places. She says “The more exposure we have to different people groups and their cultures, the more we understand them, the easier it is for us to love. And really, isn’t love truly the answer?”
Elu Solutionary Strategies

HR Manager

Nicole Matias

Nicole is Jen’s Assistant for Team Elu. She loves traveling and learning about different cultures and people.

Elu Solutionary Strategies

Project Manager

JD Enriquez

JD is Graphic Designer for Team Elu. he likes to cook and experiment with new dishes.


Elu Tech

Huzaifa Siddiqi

Huzaifa is part of our support team with additional skills in UI/UX design. He is our newest support member and a great help.


Elu Tech

Andra Triputra

Andra is part of the support team and our first support member. The computer is his second home. He has created some incredible websites.

Our Clients

Success will always be with those who are willing to fight and work hard

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