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Micro niching – should you?

Many times as business owners we find ourselves trying to serve everyone. We do not want to miss out on potential customers, so we try to meet everybody’s needs. This often leaves us depleted, spread thin as we attempt to cover all the bases. But isn’t this often when we feel we ought to do?

I would like to propose a thought. What if narrowing your focus could bring you people you can relate to, people you like, people who think like you do, who want your help, and are willing to pay for it? What if you narrowing your focus into what seems like an unbelievable way, you can specialize in what you love the most, have the most skill in, and never get tired of? I know, that seems like a tall order. But it is possible.

When narrowing your niche it can feel challenging and uncertain. It can be a guessing game. Where do I begin? Who is my most ideal audience? Who do I most want to help?

Micro niching allows YOU to be the expert in what you do. It is a necessity, so you need to know how. Schedule your call today and see how we can help you create your avatar, your ideal client..